Commercial Snow and Ice Removal Service

Snow-RemovalTreeWise, LLC understands the importance of removing snow from your property and we offer customized and affordable packages. Our snow removal team is happy to provide snow removal solutions in Clark County and the Portland metro area.

Cleaning sidewalks

Regardless of the extent of snow cleaning required, TreeWise, LLC has dedicated snow removal crews who are prepared and experienced in clearing snow and ice from your sidewalks. Facilitating easy mobility to and from your home or business, we make sure your sidewalks and parking areas remain clean and safe for you and your customers.


Committed to making parking lots and walkways safer, TreeWise, LLC offers de-icing services for exterior surfaces. Our plowing process includes the use of evenly spread de-icing products onto the surface for further safety, which works faster and more effectively during winters, even when the temperatures are very cold.

If you’d like more information on our snow removal rates, or to find out more about our snow removal services, contact us today at 360 696 9610 or 503 407 2005, so we can schedule an appointment in advance to discuss your specific needs.

Services available include sidewalk shoveling, sidewalk de-icing and parking lot de-icing.

*Crews will be on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There will be a 30% mark up on all work performed on holidays.