Very nice job.

Your crew did indeed arrive at my house on Friday, April 15th at 8am, right on time and ready to work!  It seemed like only a few minutes and the first climber was in a tree cutting off limbs! Your (Scott & Robyn) crew did an excellent job with a couple of difficult trees and

The tree looks fantastic!

 We were at work and came home to a project well done. In addition, our neighbors filled us in on the fact that such good care was taken with the whole process - being careful with existing plants below the fir tree and especially with clean up. Thanks again. Bobbi S. - Vancouver, WA

Pruning season: Lop a little, not a lot, off the top

We've all felt the pain of a bad haircut. Now, with gardening season here, the city of Vancouver wants to save the local trees from suffering the same fate. Scott Clifton of TreeWise LLC said oftentimes people plant trees for their aesthetics without considering how much they’ll actually grow. He argues it’s best to just

Tree Removal Companies Explained

Competitive Quotes If you are looking for competitive bids on tree work – you need to know a few things about the tree care industry. First, you should know that the majority of tree care companies understand very little about trees. They are in the market for tree removal only and make their money by

  • Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday TreeWise, LLC!!!

Many thanks to our new and return customers for a very successful first year. We really appreciate your business. Much love to Justin, Brandon and Cristian for being such incredible young men.Your dedication, hard work and wonderful attitudes help to make us an awesome team.

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What are my trees worth?

What are my trees worth? National Tree Benefit Calculator Trees in urban areas provide a number of important benefits. They help to clean the air, curb storm water runoff, raise property values, sequester carbon, and reduce energy costs. Enter information about a street-side tree and learn about the benefits it provides. Street-side trees are typically