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They were extremely polite and knowledgeable.

Today treewise came out to remove a couple of Photinias that had grown into some pretty sad looking trees. Adam and Jordan did a fantastic job for us. They were extremely polite and knowledgeable. After removing the trees and grinding the stumps, they cleaned up so well, you would have never known trees were once there. If you are in need of tree services, this is the place to call. Kelly 

TreeWise LLC is a stand up company.

I have to say that TreeWise LLC is a stand up company. My parents tasked me with finding them a tree care company. As I have experience in the industry, I knew exactly what to look for. Their professionalism, their attention to detail, promptness, and SAFE approach to taking down a tree is why I decided to call TreeWise LLC.

If you're looking for a good company that does safe, proper, and responsive work, I highly recommend TreeWise LLC.

By James S...

Impressive and efficient group.

Your company did a tree and shrub removal and some heavy pruning February 14 2018. Very courteous, friendly, yet professional, knowledge of plant materials, sensitivity to emerging perennials, stayed with bid, very reasonable and fast. Added a tip which shows how good they are! Would recommend to anyone. Will definitely use again. Adam was crew chief, Anita arrived at beginning to help coordinate. Impressive and efficient group.

H & G D

The fire wood looked really nice.

Your staff was so careful and patient. My sons driveway clearance was pretty tricky but the boys did a marvelous job fitting the trailer between the posts!! Thanks again for wood and tree trim you provided. I will definitely use you again and send referrals your way.
Best wishes and Happy New Year! <By: PW>

These guys did a great job!

I needed several medium to large sized trees removed and the stumps ground down. They showed up with about 5-6 guys and were in and out in about 2 hours (I expected this work to take most of the day). They were quick, affordable, took great care not to damage anything, and cleaned up everything after they were done. <By: JM>

The crew did a great job

Treewise came out today and did some thinning and lifting of several trees. The crew did a great job. I was very pleased with how everything looked and how well they cleaned up afterwards. They were all very pleasant and Adam, the foreman, did a very good job at explaining what they would be doing and he was focused on making sure that the job met my expectations. Treewise gave a fair and competitive bid and all the employees I dealt with were very helpful and professional! I would highly recommend them!

~ From: Barbara in Vancouver

We highly recommend TREEWISE.. Great people, good prices and Excellent service..

Review posted on
Apr 19, 2017
Paper Birch trees .. had not been pruned since they were planted, we guess. Treewise pruned the trees, getting the branches that were hanging very low, almost to the ground. The interior needed opening up badly and the poor trees had girdling roots too. They took care of these problems too! The trees are just leafing out and look GREAT....We are thrilled. They pruned the trees at the CORRECT TIME for the health of the trees. They also took care of a Japanese maple that was so overgrown it was ridiculous. Leaves just coming out. WOWSA. It looks wonderful. We highly recommend TREEWISE.. Great people, good prices and Excellent service.. Thanks MS

This is a great little company with real expertise and passion!

This is a great little company with real expertise and passion! Scott, the owner, is an I.S.A. Certified Arborist. He came to our property, willingly shared his knowledge and gave us a free quote for work that needed to be done on several Ponderosa Pine trees and two large dogwood trees. We scheduled the work and the crew showed up on time, with all the right gear. They worked efficiently and effectively, and hauled away all debris. Even Scott's wife, who works in the office, provided exceptional customer service. Fair pricing. Good value for the money. Highly recommend!


Marcia - Vancouver, WA


A super BIG THANK YOU for the excellent job that you and each and every person in your company has done. The crew that you sent to our house today were over the top outstanding. They were friendly, extremely efficient and did a meticulous job.
We wish you and your wonderful staff only success.
Please know that you are appreciated.
Shannon G / Vancouver

Very impressed

I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the level of service and quality of work your crew provided. I was very impressed with their efficient use of time, respect for my property, and the fact that they cleaned up every last piece of debris leaving no trace they were here. They arrived promptly and, most importantly, went out of their way to communicate often and fully with updates and explanations as the project progressed. I appreciated being kept informed and asked about my preferences/expectations in advance. That is a level of service that I wish more companies would emulate. I would also be happy to provide a glowing reference to any future customer who requests a reference from a past client, so feel free to provide my cell number or email when appropriate. Thanks for doing a such great job.  Dave C / Hillsboro, OR

Highly recommended!!!

Highly recommended!!! All of our trees were located within 10 feet of our home, so being precise was needed - one 80-100 foot tree removed from our front yard, one Birch Tree partially removed and two 120 foot Fir trees lifted and dead branched. The crew arrived right on time, politely answered my questions and did the job greatly. The clean up was amazing, you could not even tell they were there. Would use again and recommend to others.

M & N - Vancouver

Great service at a decent price

Scott and Justin did a very professional and great job. Laid out big firs right where they needed to be to minimize the mess avoiding any problems. Great service at a decent price. Would certainly do business again with these folks!!

Gary J

Please convey our sincere appreciation!

My company recently hired Scott to remove seven trees on our property. Here is the note that I received from my Executive Director...

"This morning, four people went out of their way to comment on what a fantastic job his crew did. The all said these folks were 'running'. Actually running! They were efficient, clearly knew what they were doing and didn't leave anything behind. Three people commented that they would hire or refer others to TreeWise after having seen these guys in action.

Today I went over to the two men that were here and let them know what the comments were from our staff. While there wasn't as much to do today, they definitely knew what they were doing, used their personal protective gear and cleaned up behind themselves.

It is so refreshing to have a great partner on the other end of a contract. Please convey our sincere appreciation!"

Job well done!!

Janet D.
Vancouver, WA

The tree looks fantastic!

The tree looks fantastic! We were at work and came home to a project well done. In addition, our neighbors filled us in on the fact that such good care was taken with the whole process - being careful with existing plants below the fir tree and especially with clean up. Thanks again.
Bobbi S. - Vancouver, WA

Very nice job.

Your crew did indeed arrive at my house on Friday, April 15th at 8am, right on time and ready to work!  It seemed like only a few minutes and the first climber was in a tree cutting off limbs!

Your (Scott & Robyn) crew did an excellent job with a couple of difficult trees and with a postage stamp-sized drop zone.  I was amazed at how accurate and safe the crew was.  Our neighbor next door commented on how much communication was going on between the climbers and the ground crew.

The felling of two trees was the highlight of the day for many golfers walking by, for people in the apartments across the fairway and for our neighbors in our cul-de-sac.  To them it was interesting and entertaining to see professionals work as a team in such tight quarters.

Before the team arrived and after they left on Friday, I continued to spread your reputation about the amazing cleanup job that you do!  It was fantastic!  It’s hard to realize that there were any trees so close to the fence/house by looking at the lack of debris afterward.

Cliff S. - Portland, OR

Huge Tree Removed

We had our huuuuuuge tree taken down in our front yard because it had become unsafe. TreeWise did an amazing job! Things I loved about them...

1) Extremely friendly
Every time I came out to check on the progress, one of the team members would talk with me and make sure things were happening to my liking.

2) Quick/efficient
The team continued working from the time they arrived until the time the job was done. The team members alternated their break/lunch schedules to keep the job going the entire day.

3) Hard workers
Each team member worked tirelessly the entire day on taking down this tree.

4) Safety
The team used appropriate safety measures at all time with equipment, hard hats, gloves, ropes, etc.

5) Affordable
The quote for the work was the best out of the 5 other quotes we had received.

Teresa Vick

Quick and Efficient

I’m not easily impressed, but Brandon and the crew really impressed me yesterday. You have to forgive me, I work in a quality/process improvement role so I can’t help analyzing how people work. I was taken by the no-nonsense, professional way they went about their tasks. Quick and efficient. One small thing I really appreciated was that they ‘batched’ the limbs to be chipped, then turned on the chipper, fed them through quickly and then shut it right off again while batching started over. Versus letting the chipper just run continuously. I’m very sure my neighbors appreciated that as well.

When I got home from work the only way I could tell they had been there was the absence of the trees and a neatly stacked pile of wood. I really appreciate their attention to leaving things cleaner than when they got there. I would not hesitate to call you again for future needs and will definitely recommend your company to friends when the opportunity comes up.

I’m very pleased with the quality of their work and how they left things. If you would please pass my comments along I certainly would appreciate it.


Impressed with the Work

Your crews were here and are now gone, but I just want you both to know you have some very polite and skilled men working for you.  I was so impressed with their work, constantly communicating for safety purposes, never wasted one minute (literally running at times just to keep up), and professional in everything they did.  I was impressed with the equipment as well….it was obvious the equipment is well maintained and ready for the next project.  I will highly recommend TreeWise to anyone who needs your service (or a recommendation).

Diane and I both thank you.


Quick Response

Responded to my inquiry the same day I called with a very reasonable bid. Promptly arrived the next day at the time agreed upon and performed all the work with very minimal direction needed from me.  When done it was apparent the work was obviously done by tree professionals.  Truly an excellent job enhancing the appearance of all the trees.

Angie's List Review

Removed a tree that had outgrown the space

They removed a tree that had outgrown the space close to the house.  After the tree was cut down, they used a machine to remove the trunk.   Then they smoothed the ground so you couldn’t tell anything had happened there.  Two other smaller trees were cut down also.  The crew arrived on time and all were outfitted with safety gear.  All branches and leaves were picked up and taken away and they even dusted off the house and walkway with a blower.  This company was great to deal with and they do return your calls!

Angie's List Review

Skill, Professionalism

Thank you very much for your skill, professionalism and the quality service you provided. I’m happy to recommend you folks and if you need a reference, feel free to give out my number.


Clean-up was impeccable

Two thumbs up! We were most pleased and impressed with your work!

  • Your bid was reasonable for the large amount of work we needed done. (…and, your final bill matched your estimate!)
  • Your crew showed up in full gear, on time, and ready to work- rain or shine!
  • Your crew was pleasant, professional, hard-working, safe, knowledgeable, and efficient.
  • Clean-up was impeccable and your presence has made a huge difference for the overall appearance of our home. Thank you very much. We highly recommend your services to others.
Jan and John

Professional Crews

Your crew just left after removing two tall pine trees from my neighbor’s front yard that were messy, a safety hazard, and had roots approaching sidewalks and driveways. I’ve had big trees taken down before so I’m familiar with the process. But never before have I witnessed such professional crews who worked so safely, communicated with each other, didn’t waste time, were so thorough, and cleaned up all debris….you would never know the trees ever existed. All this at the most reasonable price quoted. They even managed to take out another neighbor’s tree while they were here. I’m impressed and will definitely recommend Treewise to anyone who needs a tree removed, and will look into them for tree pruning needs I have in the future. Good job!

Nanci Crepeau