I’m not easily impressed, but Brandon and the crew really impressed me yesterday. You have to forgive me, I work in a quality/process improvement role so I can’t help analyzing how people work. I was taken by the no-nonsense, professional way they went about their tasks. Quick and efficient. One small thing I really appreciated was that they ‘batched’ the limbs to be chipped, then turned on the chipper, fed them through quickly and then shut it right off again while batching started over. Versus letting the chipper just run continuously. I’m very sure my neighbors appreciated that as well.

When I got home from work the only way I could tell they had been there was the absence of the trees and a neatly stacked pile of wood. I really appreciate their attention to leaving things cleaner than when they got there. I would not hesitate to call you again for future needs and will definitely recommend your company to friends when the opportunity comes up.

I’m very pleased with the quality of their work and how they left things. If you would please pass my comments along I certainly would appreciate it.