Your crew did indeed arrive at my house on Friday, April 15th at 8am, right on time and ready to work!  It seemed like only a few minutes and the first climber was in a tree cutting off limbs!

Your (Scott & Robyn) crew did an excellent job with a couple of difficult trees and with a postage stamp-sized drop zone.  I was amazed at how accurate and safe the crew was.  Our neighbor next door commented on how much communication was going on between the climbers and the ground crew.

The felling of two trees was the highlight of the day for many golfers walking by, for people in the apartments across the fairway and for our neighbors in our cul-de-sac.  To them it was interesting and entertaining to see professionals work as a team in such tight quarters.

Before the team arrived and after they left on Friday, I continued to spread your reputation about the amazing cleanup job that you do!  It was fantastic!  It’s hard to realize that there were any trees so close to the fence/house by looking at the lack of debris afterward.