City of Vancouver, WA – Forestry Department links

Vancouver’s Urban Forestry Program aims to maximize the aesthetic, environmental and economic benefits that trees provide to city residents and visitors by preserving, managing and enhancing existing trees and other vegetation and promoting the reforestation of the urban area, through an active integrated program with community support and participation. Visit their website

  • Crooked Tree

Unique Nature Photo: Crooked Spine Pine

In 2006, while hiking on a trail through the woods, we came across this tree. It was in the middle of the trail, so we weren’t the only ones who’ve seen it. But I’m guessing most people didn’t look at it from the angle I photographed it, so they wouldn’t realize the cool curve of

  • Yosemite Fire

Yosemite Fire & Tallest Pines Update

Recent September 6th news shares that the 20-day Rim Fire is expected to burn another two weeks. It blackened  246,350 acres, or 385 square miles in northern California forests since Aug. 17th. The fire has grown by almost 10,000 acres since Thursday the 5th, although it stayed mostly within containment lines that firefighters made around

  • Tree Climbing Knots

Tree Climbing Knots

SherrillTree’s website and catalog are a resource for education about the tree care industry. Knowing the uses for a termination knot or a load-securing knot is essential for a safer workflow and getting the work done. And as important as tree climbing knots and knot tying are to our industry, it should also be pointed

Ten Reasons To Love Trees

OXYGEN PROVIDER – One day’s worth for a family of four is provided by a single tree. In 2008, Columbia University researchers found that children living on tree-lined streets were less likely to develop asthma. PIGGY BANK PROTECTOR – Properly placed tree cover in urban areas can save cities millions of dollars annually in storm

Tree Spirit Project

The University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), plans to chainsaw 90% of the trees on its portion (75%) of The Mt. Sutro en Space Reserve to make way for development. Sat., July 6, 2013 11am. Save 25,000 trees of Mt. Sutro Forest in San Francisco – and have a great adventure meeting fellow tree

  • Trees need Water

Trees need water

Regardless of the method you use to get more water to your valuable trees, plan on doing it once a month from about mid-June through September. Read More